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A space for everyone


Made for co-being

Those who decide to choose this place for living, enjoy the full comfort it offers. Each resident is a part of the community and has equal rights to take part in all the opportunities available here. Co-living, co-studying and co-working are the concepts that are developed for easy use at SOLO SOCIETY.

Everything for co-living

You will find all types of common areas in this building. Some are for active leisure, while others are exclusively for working or studying. We believe that each area will fit your needs and hope that you find the rules for using these areas understandable and reasonable. The basic rule is to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels good. When you are spending time in a common area, depending on its purpose, be considerate of those around you. Joint kitchens, studio places, library, meditation area, terrace, backyard - all of these are here for a perfect co-living experience.

Joint kitchens

All needed equipment and cooking tools will be here for you. These areas are available for all residents to use 24/7.

Studio places

We set up these areas for you to study or work. Here you can spend your time productively - focused on accomplishing your assignments and work activities.

Library for studying

This library space is here to help you focus, so silence is appreciated here. Please respect others and maintain a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

Meditation area

You can enjoy peace and silence in this place. It is always a good idea to have a space where you can take some time for yourself if you ever feel stressed.

Rooftop terrace

Take advantage of the opportunity to view the city from the 7th floor terrace. Urban horizons provide inspiration for any plans you might come up with while enjoying the spectacular views.


Both SOLO SOCIETY buildings have elevators for your convenience. Use the elevators as much as you need for yourself or transporting your belongings.

Inside parking area

Permission to park a car here is issued by the administration. Please keep in mind that the number of parking spaces is limited.

Safe private backyard

You can spend your free time outside in this area. However, your activity should not disturb other residents.

Outdoor bike parking

Be sure to always lock your bike, even though the backyard is under CCTV live surveillance.

Co-working area with cinema screen

The co-working area, complimented with a cinema screen, is designed for both common work & leisure time. Whether it’s studying hard before exams or a enjoying a fun-time afterwards – this zone is among the most favorite in our Student House!

Leisure basement

We believe that indoor activities are always exhilarating. Thus, let us invite you to a game of table tennis, table football or even a good old board game!

Coffee point

Freshly brewed coffee, soft drinks and daily snacks are available at SOLO SOCIETY reception!

Room types

We have different room sizes, fully furnished and ready for comfortable living. You can choose the room size based on your needs and budget. Read more

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